Pohvale organizatorima Generalne skupštine EFNMS-a u Vodicama Ispis
Autor Krešimir Brandt   
Nedjelja, 04 Lipanj 2017 09:52

Hrvatsko društvo održavatelja već se puno puta dokazalo kao organizator međunarodnih skupova i konferencija, ali valja naglasiti kako cjelokupnom dojmu uvelike doprinosi tradicionalna hrvatska gostoljubivost, ljepote zemlje, sigurnost, gastronomija…

Umjesto komentara, donosimo nekoliko zahvala sudionika Generalne skupštine EFNMS-a koja se održala sredinom svibnja 2017. u Hotelu Olympia u Vodicama.

Dear friends, we had an excellent time in Vodice. Thanks to all participants. Special thanks to Drago and his outstanding team. Some photos you can see on 
EFNMS General Assembly.
Best regards, Guido Walt.

Dear all, thank you for a really inspiring weekend in Vodice.
Kind regards, Erik Helms Nielsen, Managing Director.

Thanks for an outstanding meeting in Vodice and the very special concert and dinner in Sibenik. Then on Monday a top music act of music near the swimming pool and then the apotheosis, fireworks at 24.00 hrs!! You, your colleagues and your wife have done a splendid job that have resulted in good results and well being for all. Hope to see you very soon, by skype of live.
Kind regards for all, Lex Daan.

Dear Prof. Anita Domitrovic, first of all I want to thank you and Drago, with your team, for the successful organization of the last EFNMS GA meeting in Vodice. I will remember it for the nice meetings we had, the environment around the hotel, the gala dinner, the concert, … So many good things we had!
With my best regards, Luís Andrade Ferreira.

Dear Drago, I think it was a great experience for me and my wife in Vodice last week.

- best organization
- best service
- best landscape
- best food
- best lady’s program
thank you very much for the organization and hospitality. Best regards to you and your wife
Erich Baumann.

Thank you, Drago, for the excellent EFNMS meeting in Vodice. It was a pity we had to leave on Monday, because ProMaint had an annual society meeting, conference and exhibition on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Regards, Kari Komonen.

Fotografije s GA29 EFNMS u Vodicama možete pronaći na sljedećem linku.