Who can be a member of the CMS?

Every able-bodied citizen can become a member of HDO under equal conditions in the manner provided by this Statute. Member status is acquired by a person who voluntarily becomes a member by submitting an application form and paying a membership fee.  For a minor under the age of 14, the legal representative or guardian gives written consent.

In addition to the largest manufacturing and service companies in the wider environment, our members are mostly people with executive and managerial functions in the field of maintenance.

What we want to motivate and achieve is greater involvement of people in the field of engineering, production, quality management, environmental protection, controlling and business development because we believe that only a comprehensive and unique approach to the effects of physical asset management can achieve optimal results for owners and all other stakeholders (clients, employees, owners, local community, etc.)

Why to be a member of CMS?

Areas of maintenance and functional use of physical assets in organizations are often neglected and approached in a lump sum and unsystematic (only after the occurrence of certain delays and failures that are reflected in difficulties in the functioning of other systems). Maintainers often feel misunderstood and disrespected by their role and importance from colleagues within the organization. Therefore, it is even more important to establish connections and contacts with the HDO community, as a society facing the same challenges and striving to share best practices with its members and offer them skills and knowledge for effective and successful communication and building comprehensive asset management systems within and between organizations.

Therefore, we especially want to encourage and encourage the involvement in our work of all those experts who approach the maintenance and management of physical assets in a comprehensive way using knowledge of activities in the following functions: procurement, engineering, controlling, finance, quality, environment and general management!

Types of membership

We distinguish the following forms of membership:

Individual membership

Filling in the application form and paying the membership fee

Bronze member

Signing a bronze membership agreement and paying the membership fee

Silver member

Signing a silver membership agreement and paying the membership fee

Gold member

Signing a golden membership agreement and paying the membership fee

Amount of membership fee

Membership lasts one year from the date of payment, after which it can be renewed



















Rights of HDO members

The rights of members derive from the Statute and decisions of the Board of Directors, and include the following:

  • individual member: possibility of election to the Assembly (according to the contribution to the work of the society and sharing of knowledge through lectures and conferences), information on HDO activities, subscription to HDO magazine (now Maintworld, which includes Maintenance and Exploitation pages), 20% bonus on the registration fee for the annual meeting of maintainers.
  • bronze member company: according to the membership agreement
  • silver member company:   according to the membership agreement
  • gold member company:     according to the membership agreement

Duties of HDO members

The duties of HDO members derive from the Statute and decisions of the Board of Directors and include the following:

  • for an individual member: respect the provisions of the Articles of Association, decisions of the Assembly and the Board of Directors and actively participate in the work of the company
  • member company: according to the membership agreement

HDO and other associations

HDO as a professional association operates within the HIS (Croatian Engineering Association) and as such has a representative in the Assembly and the Board of HIS.

HDO and European associations

Since 1996, HDO has been a member of the EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), the umbrella European maintenance institution.

Currently, there are four HDO representatives in the highest bodies of the EFNMS:

  • Drago Frković – representative of the Republic of Croatia in the “General Assembly of the EFNMSvzw” and member of the European Asset Management Committee EAMC
  • Anita Domitrović – member of the group “European Certification Committee – ECC”
  • Krešimir Harapin – member of the group “European Health, Safety and Environment Committee – EHSEC”

Croatian Maintenance Society

Contact us at the following contact details
+385 (0) 1 49 22 021