MeditMaint 2024

Održavanje 2024 | Maintenance 2024

Hotel Lone, Rovinj, 13.-16. May 2024


Open call for Participants, Exhibitors and Partners

Croatian Maintenance Society (HDO), in collaboration with the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS), Croatian Engineering Association, Danube Adria Association For Automation & Manufacturing, and Electromechanical Authority, is organizing and inviting you to the 29th International and Mediterranean Conference MeditMaint 2024 – MAINTENANCE 2024.

We are pleased to invite you, dear colleagues and maintenance professionals, to actively participate as authors of papers, equipment and materials exhibitors, or partners in the 29th International and Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition MeditMaint 2024 – Održavanje 2024 | Maintenance 2024. Due to favorable working and other conditions, after discussions with exhibitors, speakers, and participants, this year’s Conference will once again be held in Rovinj. It is a challenge for every organizer: the same location, but new topics, new content, new projects, contacts… This year’s Conference will be held under the motto: Zero Defects vs Zero Accidents.

Zero defects and zero accidents are two different concepts often used in the business environment in the context of quality and safety management. Zero defects is a concept that relates to the philosophy or goal claiming that products or services should be manufactured or provided without any errors or defects. The idea is to achieve the highest level of product or service quality through systematic planning, process control, and continuous improvement, aiming to reduce or eliminate errors. The zero defects concept encourages organizations to focus on preventing problems and undesirable situations rather than relying on detecting and fixing errors after they occur.

Zero accidents aim for organizations to achieve a zero rate of accidents, injuries, or incidents at work. This concept emphasizes the importance of workplace safety and reducing the risk of injuries or harm to employees. Organizations striving for zero accidents invest efforts in identifying safety risks, educating employees on safety, implementing safety procedures, and ensuring a safe working environment. The goal is to eliminate or minimize accidents and their consequences.

Although both concepts are based on achieving the highest standards of quality and safety, they differ in their focus. Nevertheless, both concepts fit into the new industrial trend called Industry 5.0 with an emphasis on human orientation, sustainability, and resilience.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, was initiated in Germany about a decade ago.

At the core of these changes was the automation of production processes using modern manufacturing means called cyber-physical systems. These systems integrate computer technology, data transmission and processing, as well as contemporary mechanical systems.

A few years later, a new concept emerged, Industry 5.0, in response to Industry 4.0. Initially understood as a counterpoint to the dehumanization of industry, it has evolved into a concept of a holistic approach to the role and work of humans in modern automated tasks. Industry 5.0 is often referred to as the “human touch in manufacturing processes.”

Main Thematic Areas of the Conference

Industry 5.0 vs. Industry 4.0

Maintenance 5.0

Sustainable development

Business Resilience

Physical Asset Management

Circular Economy

Human Factor

Safe Work Practices

Energy Efficiency

Risk Management

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Digital Twins

Structure of Thematic Areas

Maintenance Technologies

Change Management in Maintenance

Management of physical assets and facilities

Maintenance management and organization

Maintenance costs

New paradigms in the maintenance of military facilities, aircraft, and plants

Maintenance of Marine Structures and Platforms

Impact of Economic Crises on Maintenance

Technical regulations in equipment and building maintenance

Technical Regulations – Pressure Vessels

Supervision and Diagnostics

Quality and Maintenance

Information systems in maintenance

Education in maintenance and support for maintenance processes

Ecology and Maintenance

Occupational health and safety in maintenance

Student Papers

Information and notices

Conference Organiser:

HDO –Hrvatsko društvo održavatelja
Berislavićeva 6, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

International Program and Review Committee: prof. dr. sc. Igor Kuzle, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

Organising Committee: Drago Frković, predsjednik HDO-a



  •  +385 98 477 217 Drago Frković
  • +385 91 6300 480 Krešimir Brandt

MeditMaint 2024

Održavanje 2024 | Maintenance 2024

Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Croatia, May 13-16 2024


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