MeditMaint 2024 | ACCOMODATION

Održavanje 2024 | Maintenance 2024

Hotel Lone, Rovinj, May 13-16 2024


The conference MeditMaint 2024 will be organised in Hotelu Lone 4*, Rovinj.

Book your stay in Rovinj, while choosing among the Hotels provided with special agreements with the MeditMaint 2024. Please contact for any further questions.

Hotel LoneHotel Eden



Rovinj is considered one of the most beautiful places in Croatia, featuring rich historical heritage and countless natural, ecological and architectural attractions. There are many activities visitors can enjoy, such as nature walks, recreational sports, exploring nature’s hidden treasures, visiting archaeological sites and local produce tastings. Numerous high-quality hotels and tourist resorts in Rovinj guarantee immaculate service and a memorable stay. Explore Rovinj, a coastal part of Istria, Croatia:



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