About us

Historical facts

HDOCroatian Maintenance Society is a non-profit association, founded in 1977. The company’s headquarters are in Zagreb, Berislavićeva 6.


HDO creates a unique community (meeting place) of maintainers and all those who are in business contact with physical assets to enable the promotion of knowledge and experience in maintaining physical assets, and contacts in the country and the world to raise the general level of efficiency and economy of maintenance in Croatia.


By conducting a series of activities as well as mutual communication and sharing insights into maintenance solutions and best practices in Croatia and Europe (world), as well as using all other available knowledge relevant to a comprehensive approach to maintenance and management of physical assets, HDO aims to reach the average of developed European countries.

HDO activity

The basic forms of society’s activities are:


Maintenance Forum



Commercial ads

Professional seminars

Economic activities

Society management

The management is regulated by the Statute. The highest body is the Assembly, which meets every 4 years. The highest operational body is the Board of Directors. The work of the Board of Directors is coordinated by the President, who is elected by the Assembly for a period of 4 years.

The president of the society is Drago Frković, B.Sc. eng.

The operations of the Society are coordinated by the Secretary of the Society  appointed by the Board of Directors.

Memberships and affiliates

Croatian Maintenance Society is a member od HIS (Croatian Engineering Association) and an active mmember of EFNMS (Europiean Federaton of National Maintenance Societies), the umbrella European maintenance institution.

Representatives of the HDO participate in the work of the EFNMS working groups.


The Siciety’s activities are financed from the following sources:
  • Membership fee
  • Registration fee for participation in professional conferences
  • Donations
  • Ads

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Croatian Maintenance Society

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