Education for Certified European Expert in Maintenance Management

March 7, 2022

Considering the problems with the Covid 19 epidemic, training for Certified European Expert in Maintenance Management has not been held in Croatia for almost two years, as well as a certification exam for managers. The last tender on September 17, 2020 had to be postponed.

Croatia has 11 certified European maintenance management experts, which seriously follows European trends. At the last exam, graduates from large Croatian companies obtained the certificate, and a candidate from abroad also took the exam.

In proportion to the size of the country and its economy, Croatia is close to the European average of certified experts, but it is especially worth noting that it is above the European average in terms of success in the certification exam before the international commission. In addition to the competence of the candidates themselves, the great training is greatly facilitated by the excellent training organized by HDO by professors from Croatian technical faculties and experts from practice who implement new digital technologies, the base of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry. 4.0.

Training for the European Maintenance Management Specialist is carried out according to the program of the umbrella European Association of Maintenance EFNMS, in accordance with the standard EN 15628, Qualification of maintenance personnel.


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