Cooperation between EASA and HDO to support the maintenance of electric motor drives

December 17, 2021

After several years of considering the possibility of cooperation between EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) and HDO (Croatian Maintenance Society), and after the participation of the General Manager of the European subsidiary Frederic Begheim at the MeditMaint Conference in Vodice, both sides agreed that there is room for cooperation.

EASA is the world’s largest international trade association dedicated to electro-mechanical services (engine and rotating machine systems). They have more than 1,900 member companies in more than 60 countries around the world and an office in Luxembourg. For all possible technical questions, as well as for questions that support the maintenance and operation of EASA, the consulting team of members answers all questions on industrial issues free of charge. They respond to more than 20,000 emails each year. Also, EASA’s special training programs offer a wide range of training specific to the electromechanical industry, including seminars, webinars, interactive CDs and online training. EASA has the widest availability with data on 260,000 different motors, including measurements, drawings, winding schemes, and covers the largest database in the profession. It also offers customized industry data with promotional materials, market research reports with analysis, newsletters for sharing information among members, and promotions.

The conversations between EASA and HDO have been transvered into a formal agreement that gives members of both associations the opportunity to further network and access the necessary knowledge and information in daily work activities in the field of maintenance of electric motor drives in technical systems of production organizations.

Here are some highlights from the agreement:

In the environment of the fourth industrial revolution and general digitalization, service and technical support in the electromechanical industry has new challenges, especially in the field of improving energy efficiency and reliability. Owners and management are increasingly facing the difficult challenges of educating employees and acquiring the necessary knowledge to function properly in competition with the competition. This is especially felt in meeting the requirements of the prescribed regulations, the acceptance and use of new technologies and finally effective reporting, both regulators and property owners.

HDO and EASA, European & World Chapter, will propose to Croatian companies, which maintain electric motor systems and rotating machines during their lifetime, networking and membership, in order to benefit the most from both associations. EASA and HDO will collaborate on various projects such as translations of professional articles, professional trainings, webinars, technical support, accreditations, special joint events …  With the support of EASA, HDO is ready to provide support to Croatian companies and organize regular meetings, meetings as needed or organize dedicated, specific motor clubs. It is possible to organize special committees for the needs of specific projects, educational trainings and consultations on the subject.


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