EFNMS General Assembly held in Bratislava

November 14, 2021

A regular meeting of the EFNMS General Assembly (European Federation of National Maintenance Society – www.efnms.eu) was held at the Falkensteiner Hotel in Bratislava from 12 to 13 November.

EFNMS meetings are generally held twice a year in spring and autumn. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last meeting was held in the fall of 2019 in Stockholm and since then, assemblies have mostly been held online only. The Slovak Association of SSU Maintainers has so far organized a meeting of the EFNMS only once, in October 2004, when SSU was accepted as a full member of the EFNMS.

This session of the Assembly was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020, but was postponed on several occasions due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation in Slovakia. Due to the deteriorating pandemic situation and stricter conditions for entering Slovakia from abroad, this session of the General Assembly was attended by only 20 representatives of national associations. including three domestic participants. Initially, 25 foreign participants were announced. Yet all those who came were thrilled to meet again live. The meeting was held according to the standard model – on Friday, meetings of the board or working groups and the board of directors of EFNMS were held. In the evening, SSU prepared a formal reception for the participants, and on Saturday, an all-day session of the General Assembly of GA EFNMS was held according to the previously submitted agenda.

The next EFNMS meeting is scheduled for early June in Finland, Helsinki, and then in the fall in Budapest.


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