The regular Assembly of the Croatian Society of Maintenance

October 14, 2021

The whole of 2020 was marked by the Covid 19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, most of the planned activities have been postponed. Also, the devastating earthquakes that hit Zagreb significantly damaged the building of the Croatian Engineering Association in Berislavićeva street where the HDO operates, so the work took place from home. The HDO MeditMaint conference, planned for May in Rovinj, has been postponed due to a pandemic. The replacement term in October in Trakošćan was also canceled.

On 18 June 2020 a webinar on the topic of Digitization (activities) of maintenance and property management was successfully held. Consultations and preparations were held for the training of the new generation of European maintenance management experts, as well as online application of candidates in cooperation with EFNMS ECC. Preparations were also made for the preliminary schedule and content of future training for a European maintenance technician. A list of potential permanent seminars that should start in the post-epidemiological period has been defined. Membership records were kept, the association was promoted, and the journal Maintenance and Exploitation was published regularly throughout.

This was said at the regular Assembly of the Croatian Society of Maintenance (HDO), which was held on October 11, 2021 in the great hall of the Hotel Lone during the annual MeditMaint 2021 Conference in Rovinj. The session of the Assembly was opened by President Drago Frković, who reminded that all materials (minutes of the previous assembly, report on work, financial plan and work plan for 2021) were submitted to the members of the Assembly before the Assembly. After the procedure of accepting the agenda, forming the working bodies of the Assembly and accepting the minutes of the HDO Electoral Assembly held in September 2020 in Zagreb, President Frković informed members about the activities in 2020 and plans for 2021.

The work report was unanimously accepted, as was the financial report and work plan for 2021.

Under the item various, the members present at the Assembly agreed that, despite the short interval that follows, the next HDO Conference MeditMaint 2022 should be returned to its traditional date in the second week of May.  


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