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Joel Levitt

1980 to present: President of Springfield Resources

Joel Levitt is Maintenance Management Consultant in a wide variety of industries including airports, food processing plants, hospitals, high tech manufacturing, railroads, utilities, primary metal, warehousing, mining, universities, school systems, military, government, etc.

Maintenance trainer for universities throughout the US and Canada. He has trained over 17,000 maintenance professionals in 26 countries in 600+ sessions. 98% of participants rated the training very good or excellent. Mr. Levitt has been a speaker at National meetings of AFE, IMC, Maximo World, NAWGA, and others. Projects include: Maintenance Audit, Maintenance Manager Certification, PM/PdM training, Planning and scheduling training and coaching, Shutdown Auditing, Upgrading maintenance supervisor skills, Helping choose CMMS, Cost reduction projects etc.

Mr. Levitt also served as Director for International Projects for Life Cycle Engineering from 2013-2016

He was also Director for Reliability projects for Reliabilityweb.

As President of Springfield Resources, Mr. Levitt served as a Senior consultant to Computer Cost Control Corp. Assisted the companies' president design, market, install computerized maintenance management systems to major organizations including Town of Islip, Village of Babylon, Triangle Maintenance (JFK Airport), Fed Ex, BFI, etc.

Provided source inspection services for over $100 million worth of equipment Gelco Leasing, Zim Container Lines and Lykes Brothers Shipping. Designed, installed and provided 24 hr service coverage for BP 30,000 barrel/day oil terminal including complete automation with rack control, accounting, inventory control. Designed Railroad fuel security & accounting system for Conrail, design was adopted by the American RR Association as the recommended standard for the industry Marketed and installed 50 computerized refueling sites with technology licensed from the UK throughout Northeastern US for organizations such as Frito Lay, MacArthur Airport, Pepsi Co., Chester Water Co. etc.

Education: Temple University BA Computer and Information Science, (National Honor Society for Computer Science), additional course work in engineering, psychology, completed courses in communication and high-performance team management at Landmark Education Corporation etc.

Levitt is an author of many publications: Handbook of Maintenance Management, Internet Guide for Maintenance Management, Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination, Managing Maintenance Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages, Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Why big data, analytics, machine learning are important but NOT SUFFICIENT for world class maintenance

30 Minute keynote: This talk concerns where all the new technology fits into today’s maintenance. No one can swallow all the technologies at once so there must be a sequence of acceptance. Discussion covers maturity of maintenance as a starting point for the change

  • Goal: Best business decision possible for the whole company.
  • The key is to look at consequences related to the Aim of the organization. The goal of maintenance is enhancing your reliability maturity to deliver the best business environment
  • Maturity: Reactive, Preventive, Predictive.
  • Now we’ve added the Precision domain. The precision domain could prove to be the best choice you can make in hazardous or high downtime cost situations.
  • We’ve added Prescriptive Predictive. Prescriptive and predictive need each other.
  • Aspirational domain -World Class focus for your goals

How to get from here to there. Case studies of going from reactive toward world class

Two-hour work shop: The biggest question asked is how can we get and what road to take from our current culture of mostly reactive maintenance (with some PM, some PdM and some planning) to a more mature, more effective, leaner maintenance that is more supportive of the organization’s mission.

This short class builds on the concepts of the keynote speech and starts with evaluation your current maintenance maturity as a starting point for the journey.

Some of the topics:

  • Maturity: Reactive, Preventive, Predictive, precision with Prescriptive predictive
  • Start where you are and then
    • Defect Elimination is one key to improvement
    • Precision Maintenance is the second key
    • Wireless sensing and small scale big data collection
  • What is the Aspirational domain of World Class maintenance and who has to talk to whom for this to happen.