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Damir Vanđelić

Management, property, maintenance

He is one of the most prominent managers in Croatia. Today he is a board member of the Adris Group, chairman of the INA Supervisory Board, chairman of the HANFA Council, and a member of the Homeland Security Council. As a student in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture he distinguished himself with the Rector's Award and continued his education with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Liverpool.


Jezdimir Knežević

Reliability + Maintenance = What Now?

Dr. Jezdimir Knezevic is a researcher, teacher and world-renown expert on maintenance. He has published more than 350 publications worldwide, has hosted and organized innumerable technical presentations, congresses on all continents. Knezevic in Exeter, UK, runs the MIRCE Academy. 

The main goal of the presentation is to present the MIRCE Academy's findings on reliability and maintenance analytics and their correlation. This knowledge will allow the quantitative prediction of complex interactions between reliability and maintenance methods and policies, for the purpose of the efficiency of technical systems, that is, assets. He has already given lectures in Norway, Belgrade, and Seattle.
This and the evaluations of his Seattle lecture: Best exhibitor so far; Fantastic speaker and innovative, informative topic. This is the most important example of the value of conferences like this. In-depth academic research and retrieval with real world application and clear procedures.


Mate Jurjević

Maintenance of autonomous ships

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Dubrovnik, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Among other things, he specializes in maintaining autonomous ships.


Zlatko Bukovac

Photovoltaic power plants

Mechanical Engineer and one of the leading Croatian experts in renewable energy and solar energy, CEO of Soltech. A lecture on the Kanfanar Solar PV Power Plant will be held in Rovinj with a focus on other Solar PV Plants in Croatia. He has installed almost all Croatian photovoltaic power plants.


Janez Tomažin

Modern management of physical assets

A mechanical science graduate from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Janez has over 30 years experience, working in the paper and glass industry in positions including maintenance manager, investment manager, production manager and technical director. He is also a specialist in lubrication systems and hydraulic/lubrication oil management (filtration).

He is a member of EAMC (European Asset Management Committee) within EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), a member of CEN/TC 319 Maintenance (European Committee for Standardisation), a chairman of TC319 Maintenance and Asset Management within SIST (Slovenian Institute for Standardization), a former president and now a member of DVS (Slovenian Maintenance Society) and, from February 2019, a member of the GFMAM (Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management) Project team: Maintenance Framework – Revision to Second Edition.