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Franco Santini PDF Ispis E-mail
  • Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Genoa University
  • Several positions as Technical Director: Petrofina, Dow Chemical, Unilever, Nestle
  • Past President AIMAN (Italian Maintenance Association)
  • Honorary President EFNMS 2009-2011
  • Member of Board of Directors of EFNMS
  • Member of Advisory Board of IMA international Maintenance Association
  • Chairman of CEN Technical Committee „TC319 Maintenance” since 2008
  • Convenor of the Standard Cen En 15341 Maintenance Key Performance Indicators
  • Lecturer in many International Maintennace Congress Barcellona, Milan, Verona, Louisville, Sibenik, Tarragona, Gedda, Athens, Tronheim, Bruxelles
  • Teacher in Masters Courses on Management, Maintenance and Operations
  • Author of Many leading papers

Franco Santini

Maintenance as Physical Assets Integrity Assurance

Abstract: In the last few years the spread of the concept to run sustainable plants and infrastructures, and the risk of their long life utilization, after some unfavorable great and serious failures, has changed several Maintenance Management Paradigma. In this new perspective, international Bodies as ISO and CEN provided the standard ISO 55000-1-2 :2014, CEN 16646:2014 Maintenance Within Physical Asset Management ; 9001:2015 Quality; 140001:2015 Environment;45001 :2018 Safety.

As a Resiliency Effect all this reinforces the Maintenance Role as "Physical Assets Integrity Assurance", for their existing status and residual life.

The paper presents the Maintenance Function Model of the CEN TC 319 and in this framework, the task of Maintenance Engineering to know, maintain and improve the technical integrity characteristic, implementing preventive criteria and 4.0 technologies: criticality, risk failures analysis, statistical methods, predictive tools, on condition monitoring, prognostic and prescriptive actions.

Author highlights the major Maintenance 4.0 Enabling Technologies from Digital Twin to Augmented Virtual Reality, from Big Data-Analytics to Machine Learning and Machine to Machine, to explain why and how it is possible to install advanced devices and applications in new physical assets, and in the already installed plant and infrastructures, to improve and Assure the Physical Assets Integrity.

Key words: ISO CEN Standards, Maintenance Function CEN Model, Physical Assets Integrity Assurance, Risk Failure Analysis, Condition Monitoring, Predictive, Prognostic, Prescriptive, Maintenance 4.0, Technologies