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Slovenian engineer Marjan Pipenbaher was born in Maribor. Today he runs his own company Pipenbaher Consulting Engineers in Slovenian Bistrica.

Together with the late Jurom Radić, is the author of the Peljesac Bridge project, with Pipenbaher being the main designer of this bridge. The bridge is building a consortium of Chinese companies offering the lowest price of 2.08 billion kunas. Pipenbaher has designed dozens of bridges around the world, and for the recent exhibition REXPO 2017 he has prepared a presentation titled "Peljesac Bridge – Engineering Masterpiece". He now considers that bridge is his masterpiece. Peljesac Bridge will not only be a top-level construction in the architectural sense, but will also represent one of the new symbols of contemporary Croatia. Pipenbaher explains that this bridge with six pylons and five main openings with a range of 285 meters lies in the area of high seismic activity and windy area, and is considered to be the most demanding engineering project in the design and execution sense. The bridge will be based on 148 steel pilots of two meters in diameter and up to 124 meters in length. The track construction will be 60 meters above sea level, so a free floating profile of 200 meters wide and 55 meters in height agreed with Bosnia and Herzegovina is provided. The bridge is designed for maximum wind speeds of up to 200 km / h. In addition, the bridge has a 3.2 meter-high wind guard, which will protect the vehicles when crossing the bridge.

Marjan Pipenbaher

The biggest challenge for maintenance experts at the Peljesac Bridge