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A mechanical science graduate from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Janez has over 30 years experience, working in the paper and glass industry in positions including maintenance manager, investment manager, production manager and technical director. He is also a specialist in lubrication systems and hydraulic/lubrication oil management (filtration).

He is a member of EAMC (European Asset Management Committee) within EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), a member of CEN/TC 319 Maintenance (European Committee for Standardisation), a chairman of TC319 Maintenance and Asset Management within SIST (Slovenian Institute for Standardization), a former president and now a member of DVS (Slovenian Maintenance Society) and, from February 2019, a member of the GFMAM (Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management) Project team: Maintenance Framework – Revision to Second Edition.

Kari Komonen & Janez Tomažin

WS EFNMS EAMC: Physical Asset Management in front of fast changing business environment and new technological horizons

Abstract: The very unique workshop as a visualization of Asset Management knowledge, standards and practical studies aligned with EFNMS BoK in understanding and building the business process within organization, asset owners and managers creating the remarkable benefits over the whole asset life. Over the last two decades, profile of Asset Management has been raised from being initialy a financial discipline to becoming industry wide reconised process. Number of initiatives, open forums or metodologies has emerged to emphasize the Asset Management importance within the production and service sectors.

Even so, there are still discusssions on-going about the basic Asset Management terminology, contents and methological frameworks within the corporate business models. EFNMS with their vision of being, the internationally reconized EU opinion leader and the main network for knowledge and experience in maintenance (EFNMS 2010) has clearly identified importance of the Asset Management for industrial applications.

Hence, the EFNMS established the EAMC European Asset Mangement Committee with the objective to contribute on consolidation of the global opinion on asset management principles and further disseminate them throughout the EFNMS members with the mission: To give The National Maintenance Societies access to updated world class knowledge, lessons learned, best practices whit in the standards of ISO and CEN. Training modules are also available for NMS to offer their members competence building and certifying in Physical Asset Management (PAM) competences.

In parallel, number of individual AM standards has emerged for various engineering disciplines over the last years, but without providing the gluing components that would allow applying any of the developed standards across industries. The new arrival EN 17007 Maintenance Processes and Associated Indicators togheter with EN 16646-1,2 Maintenance within Physical Asset Management, ISO 5500x, EN 15628 Maintenance – Qualification of Maintenance Personnel are the basis for this very usefull, must-see and must-have training.