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Gratitude for patronage of MeditMaint 2018 with the conclusions of the Counseling PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Krešimir Brandt   
Petak, 01 Lipanj 2018 18:19


Honored President Grabar Kitarović,

we would like to thank you for the patronage of MeditMaint 2018, Symposium which was held from May 16th to 18th in Vodice with the participation of maintenance managers from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Australia and USA. The Symposium was organized by the Croatian Maintenance Society (HDO).

Let us be alowed to bring you some of the highlights of the Consultation:
Despite the growth of exports and industrial production, the Croatian economy stagnates in the plan of global competitiveness. In the future this can have far-reaching consequences. Today, competitiveness is closely related to the processes of automation, digitisation and the use of IT and communication technology in production. Long-term global vision for the development of production – called Industry 4.0 – is based on the linking of online technology, management, industrial facilities and machines. The accelerated change in the way of production and the rationalization of manufacturing processes are not a barrier to the Croatian industry, which has stuck somewhere in the labyrinths of the so-called the second and third industrial revolution, but the chance to overcome the now-abandoning management principles. That is an opinion of world's experts and Croatian engineers, managers and university professors, who have gathered this year at the Symposium MeditMaint in Vodice.

For several years Croatian Maintenance Society points to the urgent need much greater investment in education, science, economy, further to the need for lifelong education of engineers and managers. Also on the importance of regulatory agencies and necessarily certifying the necessary knowledge.

As part of these endeavors, the HDO organizes seminars, workshops, consultations and training and certification for European Expert in Maintenance Management according to the EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies), program in accordance with EN 15628 Qualification of Maintenance Personnel. We consider this to be of paramount importance because modern maintenance is the essence of production and implies the management of technical systems throughout their life time – from designing the plant, through assembly and exploitation to disposal. This process affect on productivity, competitiveness, quality, safety at work and a clean environment.

Unfortunately, the efforts of many experts gathered around the HDO, as well as at the Croatian universities, are often without echo in social and political everyday life.


                                                                                                            With respect,

                                                                                   Sc. ing, Drago Frković, President of the Society