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Nedjelja, 04 Ožujak 2018 00:00



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in cooperation with

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organizes and invites you to attend the


24th HDO Mediterranean Conference on Maintenance

MeditMaint 2018



May 16 – 18, 2018.

Vodice, Croatia, Olympia Sky Hotel


Dear friends, maintenance and asset management experts,

The Program and Organizational Committee invites you to the 24th International Maintenance and Reliability Conference Maintenance 2017, which will take place in Vodice at the Olympia Sky Hotel from 16th to 18th May 2018. This year's consultations and exhibitions will be held under the title MeditMaint 2018 to highlight the involvement of the Mediterranean countries for the first time. We expect over 250 participants, renowned callers from across the globe, Europe, the US and the Mediterranean, which should especially focus on leaders and maintenance managers as well as professionals and asset management experts.


The goal of the Conference is to emphasise the importance of maintenance and asset management through exchange of knowledge and experience of engineers, experts, scientists, equipment manufacturers and maintainers. Our wish is that the gathering and communication of experts and scientists in the field of maintenance and exhibition and presentation of equipment manufacturers will stimulate new and useful topics in professional and research work related to maintenance and engineering in the broader sense. The choice of the venue for this year's consultation is related to the gathering of experts in the maintenance and management of property from the Mediterranean countries with three continents. Eminent lecturers from Europe and the world are the curiosity of the content of consulting from various fields of energy, construction, petroleum, pharmaceutical and food industries.



is foreseen for lectures in English as:

Additionally, in the second part of the first day of the Consultation, we announce a two-hour workshop by Joel Levitt that will give us answers to the wishes of all maintenance experts that maintenance will be treated as an investment rather than a cost ("Maintenance should be treated as an investment rather than a cost"). Joel Levitt will present an example of how to reactive approach to world class maintenance. During the afternoon there will also be interesting lectures from colleagues from Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia, focusing on the management and organization of maintenance and the use of expert maintenance systems.

THE SECOND DAY OF CONFERENCE is foreseen for presenting papers on topics that are traditionally present at the counseling. Based on the received summaries, it can be concluded that topics in the field of management and organization are mostly occupied by experts and scientists. Reliability, availability and maintenance are an inevitable topic in the field of maintenance of technical systems and are represented through several works. Maintenance technologies take on a significant place, with emphasis on lubrication, corrosion protection and system modernization using new technologies. Also, there is an increased use of maintenance information systems as well as maintenance of electrical systems and installations.
We can announce several very interesting works from the field of maintenance of buildings, disaster management, as well as risk analysis and decision-making in the maintenance of buildings. Likewise, a significant number of works related to electrical engineering, risk management, repair of damage by various engineering technologies.
Given the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection and the development of new technologies with the use of organic fuels for internal combustion engine operation, it is also necessary to customize maintenance systems, as our experts warn. An important ecological theme is also waste management, which will also be discussed in counseling. The challenges of security in the Mediterranean are the issues that are becoming more and more open and open in this consultation.
All accepted papers will be published in the Book Cover and the Book of Abstracts, which will be given to the participants when they arrive at the counseling. The official languages of the consultations are Croatian and English.

THE THIRD DAY OF CONFERENCE is foreseen for concluding consideration, the HDO assembly and a professional visit to the Memorial Center of Faust Vrančić on the island of Prvić. In Faust Vrančić Memorial Center, we will learn about the life and rich creative work of Faust Vrančić, inventor, engineer, lexicographer and the most important Croatian technical writer. Born in Šibenik in 1551, he was educated in Padua, served as the secretary of King Rudolf II in Prague, the Bishop of Chand and the commander of the town of Veszprém in Hungary, the king’s adviser for Hungary and Transylvania. He was a member of the brotherhood of St. Jerome in Rome. He died in Venice on January 20, 1617 and was, according to his own wish, buried in the church of St. Mary of Mercy in Prvić Luka on the island of Prvić. On the island of Prvić, noble family Vrančić owned a summer residence where Faust spent his childhood.
Its most significant works are the Glossary of the five most prestigious European languages, Latin, Italian, German, Croatian and Hungarian, which is considered to be the first multilingual dictionary in Europe and the first Croatian and Hungarian language dictionary, as well as a collection of various machinery and technical constructions of Machinae novae – . In this work, a special interest is caused by Homo volans – a flying man, representing the first printed parachute design. In addition to the parachute, Vrančić shows time-measuring devices with water and fire, various types of mills and bridges, life-rafts, cable carriers and many others.
Take a look at the collection of models of his invention, some of which are of a real size, and his most significant written works. The multimedia displays also include educational games designed for younger people. Visitors of the Center can use audio guides in five languages (Croatian, English, German, Italian and French). At the Center floor visitors can relax in the restaurant overlooking the beautiful bay, Faust's inventions and the scents of Mediterranean herbs.

All interested experts and scientists are invited to join us in the announced activities. We also invite exhibitors who want to prepare an exhibition of maintenance products and services that will be organized in the same term as counseling, to let us know how to agree on the details and about the ways and possibilities of other forms of cooperation and assistance in organizing this traditional annual assembly of maintenance experts.

For our better co-operation and expansion of circle of friends and active associates in the field of maintenance and property management, please forward this call and our contacts to your colleagues and friends or let us know about potential new associates.



The official languages of counseling are Croatian and English.


  • Maintenance technologies
  • Supervision and diagnosis
  • Reliability, availability and maintenance convenience
  • Management and maintenance organization
  • Management of tangible assets and facilities
  • Quality and standards in maintenance
  • Maintenance information systems
  • Maintenance training and support for maintenance processes
  • Ecology, safety, ethics and maintenance
  • Electrical engineering, electrical industry and maintenance
  • Students' papers


  • FESB – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Split
  • FSB – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb
  • FER – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb
  • HEP – Hrvatska elektroprivreda, Zagreb
  • Croatian Metrology Institute
  • INA Maziva d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Turbomehanika d.o.o., Kutina
  • Podravka d.d., Koprivnica
  • Pliva d.o.o., Zagreb
  • CEMEX Hrvatska d.d., Kaštel Sućurac
  • Lana karlovačka tiskara d.d., Karlovac
  • Adria Grupa d.o.o., Zagreb
  • CIGRÉ – International Council on Large Electric Systems


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