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HDO 100  

in cooperation with 

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organizes and invites you to attend the


23rd HDO International Maintenance & Reliability Conference


Vodice, Hotel Olympia, Croatia
May 15-17, 2017


Dear friends, maintenance and asset management experts,

Croatian Maintenance Society is pleased to invite you to the 23rd HDO International Maintenance and Reliability Conference Maintenance 2017, which will take place in Vodice at the Olympia Hotel from 15th to 17th May 2017.

The goal of the Conference is to emphasise the importance of maintenance and asset management through exchange of knowledge and experience of engineers, experts, scientists, equipment manufacturers and maintainers.

It is our wish to gather experts and scientists in the field of maintenance and to present latest equipment in order to raise new and important scientific and research topics in the maintenance field.

In 2017, Croatian Maintenance Society marks the 40th anniversary of the foundation. The 40th anniversary will be celebrated actively and ceremoniously in the presence of EFNMS's members. EFNMS will hold its annual meeting on 13 and 14 May 2017 in Vodice at the Olympia Hotel. Therefore, the first day of Conference provided by invited lectures within which colleagues from EFNMS prepare exclusive lectures on European trends in the maintenance, factories of the future, EFNMS centers of excellence ("think tank" or "body of knowledge"), validation of knowledge, EFNMS and GFMAN projects and committees umbrella organization.

In addition, at the end of the first day of the Conference we can announce interesting lectures by colleagues from Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia, with a focus on the management and organization of maintenance and use of expert systems in maintenance.

The second day of Conference is scheduled for presentation of papers on topics that are traditionally present at the conference. Based on the submitted abstracts can be concluded that the topics of management and maintenance organization most preoccupy experts and scientists. Reliability, availability and maintainability are unavoidable topics in the field of maintenance of technical systems but are represented by several works. Technology to maintain an important place, where one can notice the emphasis on lubrication, corrosion protection and upgrading the use of new technologies. Also, notes the increased use of information systems in maintenance.

We can announce some very interesting works in the field of management of tangible assets and facilities in which to present interesting solutions applied during repairs of damage to property and facilities.

Given the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection and the development of new technologies with the use of ecological fuels to operate internal combustion engines, it is necessary to adapt and systems maintenance, as pointed out by our experts. An important environmental topics is waste management, that will also be discussed at the Conference.

All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings and participants will receive Proceedings upon arrival at the consultation. The official languages of presentation of papers at the conference are Croatian and English.

The third day of Conference is intended for discussion related to training and acquire minimum knowledge of European Eexperts in Maintenance Management. You can attend an interactive workshop on training conducted during February and March 2017 and find out impressions of the first students at the seminar. After the workshop, we invite you to professional visit to Repair Shipyard in Sibenik.

We invite all interested experts and scholars to take part in announced activities. We also invite all those interested in the exhibition of products and services related to maintenance, AM and FM, which will be organized simultaneously with the conference, to contact us so that we could agree upon all the details, ways and possibilities of other types of cooperation and assistance in organizing this traditional annual gathering of maintenance experts.

For our better cooperation and expanding circle of friends and associates active in the field of maintenance and management of the property, please forward this call and our contacts to your colleagues and friends, or inform us of potential new associates.


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Hotel Olympia, Vodice National Park Krka NCP Repair Shipyard Šibenik

HDO Organizing Committee
HDO Croatian Maintenance Society
Berislavićeva 6, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
phone: +385 14922021
fax: +385 14922023
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